Ideas for Latasha’s Red Chilli Onion Relish

13 April 2016 By

Sticky, spicy and sweet! Latasha’s Kitchen Red Chilli Onion Relish has a lovely velvet feel with a crunchy texture. Sweet yet with a lingering spicy finish. Perfect for hard cheeses including cheddar and gruyere but would also work with fresh goat’s cheese or a blue cheese.

  • Spread over a pre-cooked tart base, cover with sliced heirloom tomatoes and top with soft goat’s cheese
  • Use as a filler for frittata, omelettes and savoury onion tarts
  • Perfect accompaniment to pates and terrines
  • Glazing roast meats such as beef or pork
  • As a flavouring in meatballs or stuffing
  • Fantastic ingredient in stir-fries, patties and meat loaf
  • Delicious mixed with Philadelphia cream cheese, sour cream, yoghurt or mayonnaise as a dip or spread
  • Spread onto a pastry base, add black olives and anchovies for a pizza
  • Great in sandwiches or as an accompaniment to all kinds of rolls, burgers and wraps
  • On toast with melted Gruyere
  • With cheddar and pumpkin tart
  • Serve with braised or roasted chicken and tarragon
  • Mix with olive oil and tamari to make a magical marinade for seafood, vegetables and meats
  • In a saucepan heat a few tablespoons of Chinese sesame oil with 120 g Latasha’s Kitchen Red Chilli Onion Relish, a tablespoon each of minced garlic and red chillies, and a dash of gluten free fish sauce, soya sauce and lemon juice. Take off the heat and add to a bowl containing approx. 300 g of cold cooked rice noodles, mix and then stir through 400 g baby spinach leaves and cooked prawns. Garnish the salad with crushed cashew nuts, fried garlic, chopped spring onions and coriander leaves.