Cooking Classes

Want to learn how to cook Latasha’s dishes at home? Latasha loves to share her passion for cooking!

The Basics

  • These popular classes are held at your home or venue arranged by yourself at a mutually agreed date and time.
  • Generally these classes must be pre-booked couple of months in advance
  • Classes run for 4 hours using the LK range of ready-made Curry Pastes, Sauces, Marinades and Condiments of your choice. You will cook 7 dishes of your choice.
  • Cost is ~$600 for 2 adults plus travel and larger groups can be accommodated and quoted if you enquire below.
  • We bring all the required ingredients for cooking the dishes except for oil, salt, pepper and the cooking utensils.

How the Class Works

  • You ‘customise’ your own class by choosing your selection of dishes you want to create. We are here to help and advice if you find this process daunting.
  • We do suggest that you learn to cook what you have most difficulty in cooking or getting right or even dishes that you enjoy to eat on a regular basis with your family or friends as a shared table.
  • We will be using our recipe cards as a guide to cook with the corresponding jar for the dishes selected and we will provide you with the original recipe of the dishes you have selected should you wish to tackle the dishes from scratch in the future.
  • You must provide all the cooking pots and other prep and utensils ready on the cooking day.
  • Other miscellaneous consumables such as boiling water, paper towels, tea towels, aprons for you both, oven mitts, good knives, ladles and stirring spoons must be available for the class.
  • We may require the use of an oven or grill depending on the selection of dishes – please advise us when booking.

Our Offer

  • There are no limits set for what you wish to cook – you can learn all meat dishes, a mix of meat, seafood and vegetables, or all vegetarian.
  • You can opt to have dishes cooked mild, medium,hot or a mix. We will generally cook 1kg of ingredients for each recipe.
  • We will bring along 7 of our Jars to cook the dishes you choose and we will leave you with a total of 3 jars and corresponding Recipe Cards to get you going after this class.
  • You will be able to feed 10 people with the amount of food cooked for that day. Or you can opt to refrigerate (up to 5 days in the coldest part of your fridge) or even freeze (up to 6 months) some of the dishes for consumption at a later stage. We generally advise you do not freeze vegetarian, seafood or poultry dishes.
  • All fresh meats, vegetables, seafood and garnishing ingredients required for making the dishes are purchased on the day by Latasha and brought in eskies. All the prep work are done by you both under Latasha’s instructions in your home on the day of the class.Latasha will personally teach and assist you in preparing each of the dishes all the way.
  • What you will learn will allow you to apply the techniques in many other dishes and experiment to enhance your cooking skills.

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