Ideas for Latasha’s Green Chimichurri Sauce/Marinade

15 May 2016 By

Chimichurri Sauce is a spicy, garlicky parsley sauce that hails from South America. Latasha’s version is a rustic blend packed with fresh herbs and ideal for a variety of use.

It’s ready to eat straight out of the jar or suitable for use in any cooking.

Ideas for using Green Chimichurri Sauce/Marinade

  • Use as a dip straight up.
  • Mix with yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, hummus, sour cream to make a dip.
  • Use as a dipping sauce or as a generous topping over grilled and roast meats.
  • Use it as a marinade for oven baking all types of meats, poultry and game.
  • Mix through pasta
  • Mix through salads
  • Mix through casseroles
  • Stir into soups
  • Spread on baguettes, wraps, sandwiches, pizzas or focaccia.
  • Add it as a dressing or sauce for burgers.
  • Use in a stir fry
  • Brush on corn on the cob
  • Make a passionfruit and chimichurri dressing
  • Add chimichurri to sausages cooking in the pan
  • Add to a smoothie
  • Flavour kale chips
  • Make into a pesto by crushing walnuts, pine nuts or almonds
  • Crush with a can of drained rinsed butter beans and a few anchovies and use as a marinade for a shoulder or leg of lamb

Heat: Medium