Ideas for Latasha’s Green Coriander Sauce

11 May 2016 By

This green coriander sauce concentrate is excellent as a marinade for grilling, baking or barbecuing anything.

This hand-blended mix pairs well with nutty oils like walnut, almond, avocado or macadamia oil and enjoyed with freshly shucked oysters, grilled seafood platters and baked meats. It is also ready to eat straight out of the jar or suitable for use in any cooking.

Food ideas using Green Coriander Sauce

  • add to soups – potato and leek or minestrone
  • mix with pork, chicken and veal mince as use as rissoles, koftas or meat balls
  • mix with yoghurt and use as a topping for burgers, sandwiches and rolls
  • in cold and warm salads – potato and chickpeas, couscous, tomato and quinoa
  • marinate a whole chicken or lamb shoulder
  • use in kebabs
  • stir into lamb, chicken, fish or vegetarian tagine
  • add to curries

Heat: Spicy

Make it cooler: This can be cooled with yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, hummus, tahini and coconut cream.