To enter or not to enter that is the question?

12 November 2017 By

As a solopreneur, there is always some kind of deadline to juggle – while I love what I do, it does have its share fair share of challenges.

From scheduling tastings and attendance at events, booking time in the commercial kitchen, to brainstorming new ideas. There is always something to do!

So entering awards has been quite low on my list of priorities as entering can be daunting and often expensive.

Latasha’s Kitchen products recognised as winners

With this in mind I nearly did not enter the 2017 Australian Food Awards where I recently won 12 medals!

It has always been important for me to weigh up the time and effort it takes to enter awards against any potential gain. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that a friend encouraged me to apply for the Australian Food Awards. These awards are held by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.

Latasha’s Kitchen products scored three silver and eight bronze from my range of Indian and South-east Asian-inspired pastes, sauces and relishes.

Topping that, my cherry chocolate dessert sauce won gold in the ‘dressing and sauces’ class, and was rated a perfect 100 score.

Latasha’s Kitchen products recognised as quality

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to have received recognition from such a prestigious third party – this endorsement is priceless.

Winning the 12 medals has been like a seal of approval for what I have been doing these past years. I feel that they have helped assure any potential customers that Latasha’s Kitchen products are quality.

Further, the medals from Australian Food Awards have the potential to open doors for me in terms of expanding the Latasha’s Kitchen brand overseas.

Receiving such recognition has given me a much-needed boost of encouragement to continue doing what I love – producing delicious Latasha’s Kitchen products!  I travelled to Melbourne for the 2017 RASV Food Awards dinner on October 7 and was accompanied to the event by my bestie Angela and her husband Nick who I haven’t seen for a decade making it an extra special event,

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