Grilled Salmon and Veggies

18 April 2017 By

Ingredients (Serves 4)

Garnish with something fresh, I used chopped red onion and tomato.


  1. Heat the grill and place the vegetables onto the hot plate.
  2. Cook each side for several minutes till the vegetables soften and get grill marks. The sweet corn will take longer and a bit more turning to get the heat to its many surfaces. Keep the vegetables warm while you cook the salmon.
  3. Brush the salmon with Latasha’s Kitchen Coriander Curry Paste.
  4. Place the salmon paste side down on the grill plate/pan, cook for a few minutes until the fish is half cooked  and the paste has become a little crusty.
  5. Flip it over to allow the other side to cook and the skin to crisp up.
  6. Serve the salmon and vegetables on a platter, topped with the garnish.