Cate’s Laksa Fish Broth

4 May 2016 By

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This is no classic rich laksa that you would buy from Malay-style hawker’s stands, but more of a light, tangy broth. It is also one of the quickest, easiest and tastiest dinners I know and can be varied for adults and children.

I make a very mild version for the kids by dissolving a chicken stock cube in about half a litre of water. To that a small can of coconut milk is added, with 1 tablespoon of Latasha’s Kitchen’s Singapore Curry Laksa Paste. To the kids’ version I put in vegetables they like: greens and capsicum. I bring those to the boil and then add noodles (either rice or egg) and poach fish gently. I spoon this mix in bowls for the kids and they start to eat.

Then I return to the pot and add two handfuls of mushrooms (as I age I am always adding lean protein to dishes wherever I can), and stir in three more tablespoons of curry paste to the broth. The curry paste is so delicious (fresh and fragrant), I eat a bit straight from the spoon. To the broth, I add more fresh vegetables and fish and enjoy my soup hotter, spicier and noodle free. I serve with loads of coriander and a squeeze of lime.

After a satisfying bowl, the meal is finished with blended mango, banana and yoghurt sorbet topped with fresh passionfruit. All good.

Note: The fish I chose was Sweet  Lip (bought from my favourite fish man at Manning Farmer’s Market in Perth). Any firm white fish is a winner, but you could easily make the same dish with chicken, clams, mussels and prawns.

Author: Cate Rocchi (mum of three) has been a writer, journalist and reporter for more than 20 years, in Australia, the UK and Hong Kong. She now lives in Perth, Australia, and loves to cook healthy, nutritious meals for her family.