Ideas for Latasha’s Rendang Terlagi Lagi Paste

13 June 2016 By

Recipes using Rendang Terlagi Lagi Paste

  • Use with potato wedges, baby eggplant, turnips or sweet potatoes.
  • Braise Osso Bucco for 2 hours
  • Make a braised vegetable rendang stew with cabbage, eggplant, potato, carrot and fried tofu.
  • Mix together a 1/2 jar (3 tablespoons) paste with 1 tablespoon each coconut cream and grated palm sugar.Use this as a marinade for a whole chicken, duck or lamb shoulder. Preferably allow to marinate overnight. Then roast on indirect heat in hot weber or in a preheated oven for an hour making sure the meat is first wrapped in heat softened banana leaves and some alfoil.